Digital as a lever in a world of extremes, from the very far to the little tiny

Personal growth in an ever-changing world


In an ever-changing world, we need to adapt as gently as possible to the new challenges we face. We know people, you and me, we do not like change or to change, and yet this world is moving more forward than ever before. So how do we get ourselves to adapt and grow in this world? 

A world which is characterised by a never-ending growing complexity, existential uncertainty, complete unpredictability, endless adaptivity to time and speed, slow as fast, subsonic as supersonic.

When we do not like change nor to change, we should be looking at it more from a perspective of growth. So how can we enhance personal growth within the community to the best of each of our abilities to sustain, each and every dream, to a goal with a deadline. As the Dutch philosopher Bento Y Spinoza once said “we can overcome when every decision made, would be in the interest of the others and yourself” which he calls ego-altruism. 

In our BLUE world of infinite circles, it all begins with leadership, meaning we need to enhance optimism as a moral duty (Karel Popper) where leaders create leaders instead of followers (Tom Peters). Our infinite circles of limitless and endless possibilities are the ones of a perspective of hope, good fortune, resourcefulness, infinity, wholeness, generosity, empathy, … and the focus ‘to limit to unlimit’. As Goethe said, ‘in der beschrenkung zeigt sich den meister’ or ‘bringing more to less’ in our actual proverb.

This circle of blue and any circle from that perspective of lemniscate always opens and ends with a social strategy, after all we are social human beings. For this in our world of BLUE we find social integration and cohesion.


Bringing digital back for us steering the wheel again


In this we want to break the myths where we seem to be constantly in control, having the right information at all time without questioning, us steering the system, to need more speed, digital should replace the normal social interaction. Each and every dream comes from the people you are surrounded with, and through our attitude to resource from our outside physical world.

We need to inverse our thinking to ‘no-thing is normal’, while we constantly decompose to compose again. On which information can we rely on nowadays? There was a time where information was very expensive, and time was taken for source validation, while now we assume more easily something is just true. So, we need to go back to our critical elements of life again to be critical, reflective, radical and enfolding. We need to break down the sound barrier of the silos of knowledge and the risks of bias, combining multi-mutual perspectives to structural sustainability. 

In our world of digital we strive for getting people more connected again with the real physical, tangible world, bringing them to gather, meet, discuss, co-create, enhancing democracy, communities. networks, and more over within free scale networks.  

Bringing digital back to the people, giving them full control again without being limited by external obstacles, tools as people. For this one of our major digital platforms DRUPAL has been developed, to give full access and control on our very own life-path. 

This also reflects on how customer experience grows in more being the product than just trying a product, as most of us do. So, we want to be the product for ourselves and our customers as we call it ‘high-end customized solutions’ for we live for and with our customers, side by side, rather than trying some genuine product where we do not know much of the ins and outs, without having the proper insights.


 Time and speed in perspective


Are we still wondering enough in our world of extremes we live in, from the very far to the very tiny? How do we relate to our external time & clock in an adaptive multi-dynamic complex moving world? How do we synchronize this to the best of abilities?

In a world of permanent transition, as awkward as it seems, we need to think forward by creating still conceptual still points. We like to think linear but it’s mostly not linear anymore. When we adapt ourselves more to our external time we’ll see much more, and although we think processes evolve fast, none of this is true. This is a fata morgana from the technocrats who make us believe this. 

Rebecca Solnit expresses it in this Nobel prize winning phrasing, ‘Accretion of incremental, imperceptible changes which can constitute progress and which render our era dramatically different from the past, a contrast obscured by the undramatic nature of gradual transformation punctuated by occasional tumult’. 

This is what happens when you take time into perspective from the very far, insights grow no one talks about, like the gradual percentage of global population which decreases, women are the majority at universities in the world, connectivity has never been more present, food and water is plenty available on this planet, … and this while we think the inverse.


When we look at speed the truth is much more complex than some pretend. We adore speaking about it because in triggers our reptile brain in its core, but it is much more sophisticated. As we live in a multi-dynamic complex adaptive world we need to grow to the best of circumstances, sometimes by speed, but even more sometimes by adjusting our internal speed to the external speed. So, it is mostly not about speed as such but about the adaptivity to it. 

We lived mostly in linear systems before, where we knew what our actions generated as a consequence. We passed on to a dynamic world of much more vibrant interaction to a multi-dynamic adaptive complex system. I easily compare it with our weather-systems which reflects the million and millions of water and air molecules which interfere, and which reflect our nowadays life of never ending movement and turbulences. A world of variety and diversity, constantly emerging, co-evolving, self-organizing, and as such always imperfect by itself.

This is what I would call a world in a permanent ‘transition equilibrium’. For this we need to rely on pattern recognition, enhanced by digital, AI, … and ever more over our own human assessment, when we need to be prepared for the imponderable, at all time.

There is no system, and probably there will never be such a system, where we can deduct from the perfect and rightful strategy, even not with all the inputs we have on our business, society, …  all insights into behaviour of customers, consumers, people, … and all relevant tendencies in the world of markets, communities, … Human assessment will always be needed, if not our world would be in danger, ever more than before.

For this complex world digital is the best to frame, to analyse, to define, to design, to create, to assist, to reinforce and ultimately to customize as best for each and every one of us, since it enables as such organisations to synchronize internal and external speed in time, and to be prepared for the imponderable. Relating myself to Curves, like Carlota Perez did, S-curves are an excellent instrument to exercise breaking through the silo of routine, status quo and easy acceptance.

Jessica Svendsen, art director of the New York Times, which I met in 2016 in Barcelona, has created designs on this particular world we live in. Design is about quirkiness and imperfections and reflects our user experience. Clarifying is our business, obscuring is our pleasure.


Free scale networks


As we have built our organisation DEV @ WORK we came to find out, à posteriori, that we have been creating a free scale network to anticipate in the best of ways to this ever-evolving complex world we live in. These networks are not far for random and have created a fluid organizational structure with main hubs of interference and connectivity.

Fluid organisations have been building these free scale networks with major hubs, as they are the best of answers for enhancing as much for the best of causes. We have created one over time by incremental growth for our goal to make digital human again.

Let’s make this wonder happen together for the benefit of all! Let’s start gathering, discussing, creating, co-creating, … with each other now since the future is now.

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